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Mar 8, 2005







Former Louisville commit Trentyn Flowers became the record-breaking eighth Next Star to sign ahead of NBL24, and the former five-star recruit fits the mould of the modern NBL combo guard.

The 6'8" wing has emerged as one of the most naturally talented and athletic players in this upcoming draft class, and has shown flashes of the game-breaking ability he could possess at the NBA level.

His long and wiry frame possesses a deceptive strength that sees him finish easily through bigger, stronger bodies, but he has a level of agility and finesse that make him look like he's gliding on the court.

His 18 points in the final quarter of Adelaide's Round 4 win over Illawarra is the most of any player in a single term so far this season, and his season-high of 23 points in one game is the best of any Next Star so far in NBL24.

What Adelaide coach CJ Bruton said: "Trentyn is great in transition, he has elite speed, athleticism, his vision is great. He might not be Josh Giddey as a passer as of yet, but he definitely sees the floor like that. He’s a winner, he plays both ends of the floor which translates for us and our league, and he’s able to switch and guard multiple positions which his great for our league and the NBA. To have someone of his talent is special."

What Flowers said upon joining Adelaide: "I couldn’t be more excited to join the NBL and become a 36er. This is going to be an incredible opportunity for me to grow my game, play alongside incredible talent, and learn at a high level."

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